From Volunteer to Clinical Director

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Shaina Anderson joined Project HELP in 2005. She began her journey as a volunteer for people affected by rape, violence, sudden death and trauma. In 2006 she was brought on as an advocate for Project HELP and its efforts to support victims of traumatic events. Whilst passionately pursing the mission of the organization’s mission, Shaina continued her education. After receiving her Masters, Shaina continued to serve clients with counseling and therapy to include EMDR. Her success with trauma victims proved her value, earning her a promotion to Clinical Director. Shaina has diligently worked on enhancing the structure of Project HELP’s therapy program, today she offers clinical supervision to the Project HELP staff and interns from Florida Gulf Coast University. Shaina serves as an asset in all types of clinical and response situations. Executive Director Eileen Wesley boasts that Anderson serves as “second in command” continuing, “She is my right arm.” Shaina shows “passion beyond the stars” and her love for Project HELP shows in everything she does.

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  1. Shaina, I am so very proud of you! You are amazing. I am so grateful I had the pleasure to know you and to feel your passion for the work of Project Help. You were always there for us as a volunteer and I honor how you continued and expanded your dedication as staff. I love that you are Clinical Director! Project Help is very fortunate to have you! I send my love and gratitude to you always.

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