Angel In The Office

Mary Stuczynski has been a staple to the Project HELP organization since 1994, and with her dedication to callers in crisis, Mary became the lead volunteer in 2009. Mary’s responsibilities are not only working with individuals in crisis, but transferring of the HELPline to our volunteers. There is where she builds a rapport with each and every volunteer and updates them on needs of the HELPline, whether it’s talking with callers or scheduling. Not only is she efficient, but she is one of few who have received a 100% on the monitoring exam for HELPline grant accountability. Executive Director Eileen Wesley refers to Mary as, “a beautiful, compassionate, and giving human being and an unbelievable advocate and information sharer. She is an angel with wings!” Mary Stuczynski was the recipient of the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award presented by eBella in 2017. Even with the heartbreaking passing of her husband, Mary continued to give her time to Project HELP. Prior to starting every shift, Mary tells everyone in the office to “put your wings on.” There are not enough words to explain Mary’s support and love that she gives to our community!

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