City of Naples Dedicated Survivor Trees

Survivor Trees

Tabebuia Heptaphylla - Pink Tabebuia Tree

In April 2023 the city of Naples has dedicated two Tabulia trees in honor of survivors of crime and those that serve them. Each year during National Crime Victims' Rights Week law enforcement dignitaries, community members impacted by crime and victim service agencies will gather together for a ribbon ceremony in which survivors and survivor's families and friends will have the opportunity to recognize and honor those impacted by crime. During this event different colored ribbons will be hung on the "Survivor Trees" to represent different crimes that have impacted individuals in our community. You will find a list of the different crimes and corresponding representative colors below. These ribbons will remain on the tree throughout National Crime Victims' Rights Week to demonstrate the Collier County community's dedication to protect, support and empower those impacted by crime in our community.

The two survivor trees are located just north of the formal lawn next to the Eva Sugden-Gomez Center.  A Pink Tabebuia produces a wonderful specimen tree, reaching a height of 50 feet and is covered with terminal panicles of pink to rose-purple, two-inch-wide, showy blossoms in spring. There are few, if any, other flowering trees which can match the beauty of this tree in bloom! Flowers stand out nicely because there are no leaves on the tree during flowering. They contrast nicely against the light grey bark. The palmately compound leaves bear five leaflets, each about two-and-one-half inches long.