Birthdays Aren’t All About the Gifts, But They Could Be!

You can have your cake and give some too! In August, Facebook launched a new feature that allows your friends to gift you with a donation to the charity of your choice! Through the use of this exciting new tool, supporters of Project HELP have gifted us with over $3,000! How does it work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

How to Run Your Own Birthday Campaign:

Step 1: Choose your organization
Two weeks prior to your birthday, Facebook will send you a notification in your news feed that allows you to create a fundraiser. You have the option to choose from 750,000 available nonprofit organizations around world!

Step 2: Set Your Goal
Once you choose your community partner, just set a goal of how much money you’d like to raise for your charitable organization. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a custom message that is shared on your timeline for all of your friends to see on your special day. Every goal needs an end date! Be sure to select the amount of time you’d like your campaign to run for.

Step 3: Tell All Your Friends!
Choose your friends that you would like to participate in your campaign. Your friends will receive a notification inviting them to donate to the cause you have chosen.

How Does the Organization Obtain the Donation:

In order to receive the donations that your Facebook friends have so generously pledged in your honor, the nonprofit organization has three options:

The nonprofit can register with Facebook Payments, which mandates at least $100 in donations prior to its eligibility. Once campaign ends, the nonprofit will receive the money raised via direct deposit.

If the nonprofit does not wish to register through Facebook Payments, their donations are disseminated via the online fundraising tool Network for Good.

If the nonprofit does not want to use Facebook Payments and isn’t using the Network for Good platform, they will simply receive a check in the mail.

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