community foundation of collier county

Project HELP receives Community Foundation of Collier County grant to empower teens

The Community Foundation of Collier County has awarded Project HELP a $2,500 grant to create a Sexual Assault Survivor Empowerment Group for teenagers in the area.

Project HELP, a nonprofit that works to ease the pain of those affected by rape, violence, crime or loss of a loved one, applied for this grant with the hopes of furthering its mission and providing additional services for those that need it most.

“The need for this project is a critical part of the healing journey,” said Project HELP Executive Director Eileen Wesley. “After a sexual assault has occurred, whether a victim chooses to report to police or not, Project HELP offers each victim free and confidential counseling, therapy, advocacy and support groups. These groups are a next step in the process.”

The funding from this grant will go toward creating empowerment groups with the goal of helping affected teenagers deal with what has happened to them in a therapeutically guided peer setting, leaving with the skills to make healthier and better decisions.

Empowerment can be shown through art, music, clay therapy and yoga, all of which will be covered through this grant.

“These groups are not closed and they run continuously. They help victims of sexual violence become stronger and better off than they were prior to their assault,” Eileen said.

Contact Project HELP to learn more about these programs, volunteer opportunities or if you’re interested in making a donation to the cause.