A volunteer is a person who can see what others cannot see; who can feel what most do not feel. Often, such gifted persons do not think of themselves as volunteers, but as citizens – citizens in the fullest sense; partners in civilization. George HW Bush
Project HELP has many ways in which individuals can volunteer to HELP.

Crisis Hotline Volunteer Advocates: Our hotline runs 24/7 and has many shifts available, work from home. Be an ear for the community. Compassion, understanding and a willingness to help those who need assistance or just someone to talk to are all you need to be part of a team that has been helping the community for over 25 years. Training is provided.

In house Volunteer Advocates: Great position for interns or those wanting to help in a crisis center. All that is needed is the desire to reach out and help someone in that has been affected by a violent crime, sexual assault or the loss of a loved one. You just need the desire, we provide the training.

Committee Volunteers are needed to help with events throughout the year such as, fundraising, events, financials, marketing, mailings and administrative duties. No experience is necessary, just a smile, desire and the time, we will do the rest, training and working with staff will help you on your way to joining our team.

Community Awareness: Project HELP is looking to create some peer driven groups of individuals who will help in spreading education and awareness throughout the community. Project Help provides a wide array of free & confidential services. If you have an interest in volunteering and or leading in one of the following areas, we need to hear from you. It is with the input of the community we work together for a better place to live. We are currently looking for:

  • Men working together to Stop Rape: We are looking for male individuals in Collier County who are able teach model behaviors that give men an alternative to violence. This will involve getting the word out to young men about ways to express anger and the full range of emotions men are taught to suppress and to recognize the vital role they play in creating violence free cultures. This group will help stop the violence before it happens, by helping men never act in violent or inequitable ways in their treatment of women and each other.Come brainstorm with us to get this movement active here in our community.
  • Teens Helping Teens: We are looking for teenagers (13-18) who want to be a part of a group of likeminded peers who want to take a stand in stopping violence among those in their age groups who are the future adults of our community. Together, we can build a campaign to stop the violence before it happens. Learn how to become a leader in your community, speak out and educate your peers about what is acceptable and what is not.The future is in your hands, it’s time to get involved and make a difference. Join us today!
  • Senior Citizens can make a difference: Seniors helping seniors: Join us in at the start of a new movement of education and awareness for the seniors of our community. We are looking to develop support groups and teams to outreach to our senior community about not becoming a victim, how to look for signs of abuse, fraud and other topics. We are looking for volunteers who are looking to help others in their age group. We need your help to get this going. The senior community needs to have a place to go to discuss awareness & prevention. What better way to communicate than with your peers.

Contact Project HELP to become part of an outstanding team and keeping your community advised, up to date and safe.