3 Reasons why Every Person Should Take a Self-Defense Class

We at Project HELP firmly believe in the power of self-defense. While it is important to learn how to defend yourself from perpetrators, it is equally important to seek help if you have been a victim of a violent crime. Project HELP offers support groups, individual therapy, assistance with victim’s compensation/relocation, forensic exams, and much more for survivors. Starting within the next month, Project HELP is offering a healthy relationship support group for survivors of violent crimes that examines red flags and how to identify what is and is not healthy in relationships.
Some of the many benefits of taking a self-defense class include:
1. Building confidence!
When someone has been sexually assaulted, he/she typically feels that they are not in control of their body. Learning self-defense can give that survivor the sense of being in control of their body again. This is an empowering feeling and helps survivors understand that their trauma does not define them.

2. Being more aware of your surroundings!
Being mindful of where you are and what is around you is a powerful tool to have. When self-defense instructors talk about the moves that you can use against an attacker, they also discuss where and how people might attack you. So, when you are in certain places, you automatically become more aware of what is around you. For example, instead of walking through a parking lot using your cell phone, someone who is aware would be walking head up, shoulders back, and scanning the parking lot. An easy victim is the one who does not know what is coming and is not aware of their surroundings. Ways to not be an easy target is to learn more about red flags, be aware of your surroundings, and attend self-defense classes.

3. Physical fitness!
This is a great way to get physically fit! Self-defense classes are usually an hour long and not only teach you how to protect yourself, but it is also a full cardio work out. Cardio work outs do not always seem that fun, but when you are working out with people who motivate you to be better, it can be. It is also a great way to alleviate stress.

If you are interested in any of our services or need more information about self-defense, visit our website or call us at (239)649-1404.

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