Crisis & Sexual Assault Hotline

Project HELP, Inc offers a 24 hour/7 day a week Crisis and Referral Hotline. The hotline offers assistance to community members experiencing grief, depression, loss, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, homelessness and anything that is just too hard to deal with alone.

Our data base contains local, statewide and national agencies to assist callers in developing plans and tools to regain control of their lives.

Our hotline also utilizes a language line that keeps our services accessible to individuals who speak over 150 languages. Language and cultural differences will not act as barriers to service.

If you are in need, contact our hotline 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and speak to any of our specially trained volunteers.


  • Activities

    • Assist callers in evaluating what is needed
    • Provide active listening
    • Provide immediate crisis intervention
    • Provide information about available services and resources
    • Provide information about the effects of trauma and possible reactions
    • Provide general information about medical and legal issues
    • Offer advocacy services and information about other services available in the community
    • Provide tools and skills for coping
    • Explore options
    • Create plans – safety plans, coping plans, action plans
  • Service Recipients

    • Victims of trauma and/or violence, someone in immediate crisis
    • Victims who are in need of a forensic exam whether they report sexaul assault to law enforcement or not
    • Secondary victims of trauma and/or violence including non-offending parents of child victims
    • Those whose work brings them into contact with people who have been victimized: health care, mental health, education, law enforcement, legal and social service personnel
    • The hotline is also a resource for every client who may need assistance when the office is not open