About Us

In 1986, Beth Knake ran the Crisis hotline at the David Lawrence Center. The helpline was available from 9am to 5pm on Monday through Friday. Beth knew the helpline needed to be 24/7. Beth proceeded to take the helpline on as its own community non-profit and thus beginning Project HELP’s great journey. Beth – Being a pioneer in the 80’s & 90’s, worked diligently with the Violence Against Women’s Act and Movement as well as with the Victims of Crime Act. She worked continuously and tirelessly with the State and many Statewide Committees of Action and was a founder in the creation of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence is now the State Certifying Agency for all Rape Crisis Centers in the State of Florida. Project HELP was one of the first Rape Crisis Centers certified in the state in August 1995. The helpline grew to include the Rape Crisis Center as well as a crisis center offering crisis intervention/counseling and court advocacy to all victims of crime through the Victims of Crime Act. In late 2006 Beth retired from the agency. The agency kept growing as needed services kept growing. In 2010, Project HELP worked diligently to successfully bring a forensic rape exam facility in-house. Project HELP’s team consists of a medical director, 1 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, an executive director, 6 victim advocates (2 bi-lingual; Spanish & Creole) and up to 30 volunteers. Each employee, volunteer, and anyone on the team must complete state certification of 30 hours of Advocacy Core Training as well as 16 hours on the job training and 6 continuing education hours each year.

Project HELP’s goal is always, and will always be re-empowering victims to move forward and recover from what was taken away from them. Project HELP offers coping skills, safety plans, and individual goal planning. Project HELP works with victims so they can recognize, face and solve problems arising from their crime and trauma. We want to be sure all victims know their rights, and never feel alone because HELP is here.

Mission Statement

Project HELP works with dignity and compassion to ease the pain of those affected by rape, violence, crime or loss of a loved one.

Vision Statement

To provide members of our community, regardless of age, financial status, ethnicity and identity with access to our 24 hour Crisis and Referral Helpline, Sexual Assault Response Services, Crime Victim Advocacy, Sudden Death Response and Crisis Intervention Services. We strive to HELP those affected by violence, sudden death and trauma.

Values Statement

The employees, Board of Directors and volunteers are a highly motivated group of professionals working together to provide exceptional evidence based survivor services, offering empowerment, growth and education while being fiscally responsible and transparent. We believe in enriching lives. This allows all survivors to follow a journey of healing, making tomorrow a better day and making a genuine difference in our community.